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From a young age, cake designer and creator Toyin has always had a passion for creativity, food and baking. Largely self-taught, she has spent years practising and honing her skills, believing that each cake should be regarded as a work of art: captivating, unique and sublime. Toyin’s journey to professional cake-making began in her own kitchen at home, where she spent many hours baking for family and friends who gave her such positive feedback and encouragement, that she was inspired to start her own business. Now, she is the creative director and the lead cake designer of TYCOUTURE CAKES LTD

TY COUTURE CAKES offers a full range of wedding cakes with vegan and dairy-free options, desserts and cupcakes to order. All our cakes are made from scratch using the finest ingredients available. For clients look­ing for bespoke cakes for wed­dings, birth­days and other cel­e­bra­tions, we offer a professional, meticulous ser­vice, paying utmost attention to detail!

At TY COUTURE CAKES, we believe that taste is as important as looks; our cakes are not only impressive and striking aesthetically, but exquisite in flavour and consistency. We are very proud of our products and service as we treat each cake and its occasion as if they were our own. We have exceeded the expec­ta­tions of our clients over the years and have made every event memorable! Positive feedback from some of our clients are highlighted on our Testimonial page.

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